Corby Pegasus F.C.




Tues 1/Jan/13  * New Year Opening * 1pm
Sat 23/Mar/13 Easter Family Race Night 7:30
Sat 04/Apr/13 Sunday League Meeting  7:30-9:30
Sat 13/Apr/13 [Private Party] - Hen Party 4-9
Sat 11/May/13 * F.A. Cup Final * TBA
Sun 19/May/13 [Private Party] - Steven Thains Childrens Party 2:30-5:00
Fri 24/May/13 End Of Season Presentation TBA
Sat 25/May/13 Champion League Final TBA
Sat 01/Jun/13 Kye Bishop Charity Race Night 7:00-Late
Sun 09/Jun/13 [Private Party - Christening] 2:30-6:30
Sat 15/Jun/13 [Private Party] - Red Devils Youth Football Presentation Dance 7:00-Midnight
Sat 22/Jun/13 Pegasus Presentation Night 7:00-Midnight
Fri 05/July/13 [Private Party] - Brad Ingram Clubhouse Time 7:30
Sat 13/July/13 Pegasus 15 Year League Winning Reunion Clubhouse Time 7:30
Sat 20/July/13 [Private Party] - Hen Party 7:00-Late
Sun 28/July/13 [Private Party] - Steven Thains Childrens Christening 2:30-6:30
Sun 25/Aug/13 Gez Goodall Game  
Sat 31/Aug/13 1st Game of 2013/2014 Season  
Sat 02/Nov/13 Halloween Night Party Clubhouse 7:00 pm
Sun 22/Dec/13 Kids Xmas Party Clubhouse 2:30
Sat 28/Dec/13 Pegasus Xmas Dance Clubhouse 2:30



Sun 1/Jan/12  * New Year Opening * Clubhouse 1pm
Sat 3/Mar/12 Family Race Night Clubhouse 7:45pm
Sat 17/Mar/12 [Private Party] 50th Birthday Party Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 5/May/12 * F.A. Cup Final * Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 12/May/12 Charity Race Night [Kye Bishop] Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 19/May/12 * Champions League Final * Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 2/Jun/12 Pegasus 2011/12 Presentation Night Clubhouse 7:30pm
Sat 9/Jun/12 Pegasus 2011/2012 A.G.M. (club open following AGM @ 5pm) Clubhouse 3:00
Sat 7/July/12 [Private Party] Childrens Party Clubhouse Time 1-5pm
Sat 4/Aug/12 [Private Party] possible 50th birthday T.B.A Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 1/Sep/12  1st Game of 2012/2013 Season  
Sat 29/Sep/12 [Private Party] 30th Birthday 7:30
Thu 25/Oct/12 [Private Party]  7-10pm
Fri 26/Oct/12 [Private Party] Retirement Party  7-12pm
Sat 15/Dec/12 [Private Party] Works Party T.B.A
Sun 23/Dec/12 Kids Xmas Party 2:30-4:30pm
Sat 29/Dec/12 Pegasus Xmas Party 7:30-12pm



Sat 1/Jan/11 New Years Opening Clubhouse Open 1pm
Sat 26/Feb/11 [Private Party] Ladies Football team Race Night Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 5/Mar/11 [Private Party] 50th Birthday Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 2/Apr/11 Pegasus Race Night Clubhouse Time 8pm
Sat 30/Apr/11 [Private Party] Ladies Football Club Presentation Night Clubhouse Time TBA
Sun 1/May/11 [Private Party] 50th Birthday Party Clubhouse 3.00pm
Sat 14/Sat/11 F.A. Cup Final Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 4/June/11 End Of Season Presentation Clubhouse 7.30pm
Sat 18/June/11 A.G.M. Clubhouse 2.00pm
Sat 22/July/11 [Private Party] Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 6/Aug/11 [Private Party] 60th Birthday [TBC] Clubhouse Time TBA
Sun 28/Aug/11 Pegasus Annual "Gez Goodall Memorial Trophy" Day Clubhouse Time TBA
Fri 2/Sept/11 [Private Party] Ladies Race Night [CANCELLED]
Sat 3/Sept/11 1st Game Of 2011-2012 Season  
Sun 4/Sept/11 Family Fun Day Clubhouse 2.30-6.30
Sun 18/Sept/11 Andrea C - Baby 1 yr Party Clubhouse 2.30-4.30
Sat 1/Oct/11 Bill Bradley Presentation Night Clubhouse 7.30
Sat 8/Oct/11 [Private Party] Race Night For Cancer Research Clubhouse Time TBA
Sun 9/Oct/11 Chris Power Childrens Party [bar open] 3.30-5.30
Sat 12/Nov/11 [Private Party] 50th Birthday Party 7.00-12.00
Sat 19/Nov/11 Club Poker Night * To Confirm *
Sat 26/Nov/11 [Private Party] Corby Ladies Race Night 7.00-12.00
Sat 3/Dec/11 [Private Party] 30th Birthday Party * To Confirm *
Fri 9/Dec/11 [Private Party] Carol McAuley Works Xmas do 7.00-12.00
Sat 17/Dec/11 Club Xmas Party + Bob Dunions Daughters 30th Party [CANCELLED]
Sun 18/Dec/11 Pegasus Childrens Xmas Party [bar open] 2:30-4:30



Sat 9/Jan/10 [Private Party] 50th Birthday Clubhouse Time T.B.A
Sat 13/Feb/10 Family/Race Night Clubhouse Time T.B.A
Sun 7/Mar/10 [Private Party] 50th Birthday Clubhouse Time T.B.A
Sat 13/Mar/10 [Private Party] 50th Wedding Anniversary Clubhouse Time T.B.A
Sat 1/May/10 [Private Party] Clubhouse Time 7-12pm
Sat 15/May/10 Last Game of Season + FA Cup Final Club Open 1pm onwards
Fri 21/May/10 End Of Season Party/Awards £2/ticket Clubhouse 7:30pm
Sat 22/May/10 Champions League Final Clubhouse 7:00pm
Fri 4/June/10 [Private Party] Kingswood Presentation Night Time T.B.A.
Sat 5/June/10 *** CLUB CLOSED ALL DAY **  
Sat 12/June/10 A.G.M + W/Cup Game : England vs USA Clubhouse 4:00pm
Sat 10/July/10 Corby Carnival - Club open at 4pm Clubhouse 4:00pm
Sun 11/July/10 [Private Party] Christening [1-6pm] - World Cup Final Clubhouse 6:30pm
Sat 24/July/10 Under 14s Presentations Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 8/Aug/10 Club Family Day Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 14/Aug/10 80th Birthday Party Clubhouse Time TBA
Sun 29/Aug/10 Gez Goodall Memorial Match Kick off 11am (clubhouse open)
Sun 10/Oct/10 [Private Party] Christening Clubhouse 1pm - 4pm
Fri 29/Oct/10 [Private Party] Corby Diamonds Halloween Party Clubhouse Time TBA
Sat 13/Nov/10 [Ticket Only]"Gentlemans Night" Clubhouse Time 8:30pm
Sat 11/Dec/10 Christmas Disco Clubhouse Time 7.30
Sun 19/Dec/10 Childrens Chrismas Party Clubhouse Time TBA



20/april/2009 Exchange Contracts on new Club house  
21/april/2009 Reserves Premier Div Cup Final Bugbrooke
25/april/2009 [Private Party] 50th Birthday Party New Clubhouse
02/May/2009 Final "old clubhouse" bash Old Clubhouse
04/May/2009 Old Club House formally closes  
09/May/2009 [Private Party] New Clubhouse
16/May2009 Last Game of Season & Opening Party of the New Club House including 'Player of the Year' awards Clubhouse
30/May/2009 F.A. Cup final Clubhouse
31/May/2009 [Private Party] Corby African Assoc Clubhouse - 2pm -10pm
6/June/2009 A.G.M Clubhouse - time 2pm (open 1:30)
13/June/2009 [Private Party] Tracey Jardine/Kids Party Clubhouse - 7pm - 11pm
20/June/2009 [Private Party] Kids Party Clubhouse - 2pm - 6pm
20/June/2009 [Private Party] Tracey Jardine/Presentation Night Clubhouse - 7pm - 11:30pm
21/June/2009 [Private Party] 1st Holy Communion Clubhouse - 12 - 6pm
27/June/2009 [Private Party] Kids Party [No Bar] Clubhouse - 3pm - 5pm
28/June/2009 [Private Party] Thainey Christening Clubhouse- 1pm - 6pm
11/July/2009 [Private Party] 40th Birthday [open for 6pm] Clubhouse 7pm - 11:30pm
30/Aug/2009 Gez Goodall Match Kick off 11am (clubhouse open)
05/Sept/2009 ** First Game of Season **  
26/Sept/2009 [Private Party] T.B.A T.B.A
18/Oct/2009 [Private Party] Christening Clubhouse 1pm - 6pm
25/Oct/2009 Double Sky Games (food to be arranged) Club 12:30
31/Oct/2009 Halloween Party (family) Clubhouse - 7:30pm
21/Nov/2009 [Private Party] 50th Birthday Clubhouse Time T.B.A.
Sat 12/Dec/09 Pegasus Xmas Disco Clubhouse - 7:30pm [tickets]
20/Dec/2009 Pegasus Kids Party Clubhouse - 2-4pm



14/June/2008 A.G.M Pegasus Club House
4/July/2008 Player Of The Year Awards K.K Club
5/July/2008 10 Year Championship Anniversary 6pm - Club House
15/July/2008 Pre-Season Training West Glebe South - 7pm
16/Aug/2008 Horse Racing Night 7:30pm - Venue 'NEW' club house
24/Aug/2008 Gez Goodall Memorial Game West Glebe
6/Sept/2008 Start of 2008/2009 Season  
14/Sept/2008 Paintball Day (arr. Dom Savage) (bar open after!)